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Wethele Manor Farm

Wethele Manor Farm

Wethele Manor is set on a 250 acre arable estate which is bordered by ancient woodland and is farmed by the Moreton family.

The primary crops grown on the estate are wheat and oil seed rape.  The farm is on high ground and enjoys unspoilt, stunning views for miles.  The woodland and many hedgerows on the farm attract an abundance of wildlife which we actively encourage.


Much attention has been given to the conservation on the farm in recent years, creating wild habitats for many species of wildlife whose numbers have dwindled through modern farming practices. The Moreton family have a true passion for wildlife and the beautiful countryside location that Wethele Manor is situated in. Some of the various conservation projects which have been initiated are as follows.

Restoring and laying ancient hedgerows; Not only does this increase nesting habitats for bird life and add character to the landscape, but these act as wildlife corridors between larger woodland and plantations.

The planting of thousands of native trees; On the estate we have planted  4758 trees to include; Maple, Oak, Crab apple, Rowan, Holly, blackthorn, hazel, privet, beech and lime.

The restoration of ancient ponds; To promote a natural habitat for pond life such as newts and other aquatic and pond edge life.

Field margins; All fields on the farm have a 6 meter grass margin which can consist of enhanced wild flowers or specific pollen and nectar plants for the promotion and sustainability of the bumble bees.

Enhanced wild bird seed mixtures; These are grown to support the over winter feeding of native farmland birds, in which we have seen a significant increase.

Introduction of English Grey Partridge; Which we are hopeful, will breed on the farm and utilize the aforementioned habitats.

Renewable Energy and Recycling Program

A 4KW photovoltaic solar panel system was discreetly located on the farm in 2011. This supplies clean renewable energy for our needs and is all used up on site.

We have a strict recycling scheme here at Wethele Manor ensuring that as much waste as possible is sorted on site before it goes for further recycling.

What people say about Wethele Manor

Most amazing wedding venue! Everyone was saying what a magical place! Simon and all the staff were amazing and always on hand. Food was gorgeous and plenty of it so nobody went hungry! Drinks were constantly topped up. What a perfect day!

Clemie Coulson - FIVE STARS.

What people say about Wethele Manor

Absolutely loved it. Fantastic venue. Everything was perfect. The staff were amazing. We had a wonderful day and Wetherly made my daughters BIG day perfect

Carol Brennan - FIVE STARS

What people say about Wethele Manor

I can't say enough good things about this venue. It's beautiful and the staff are always so happy and willing to accommodate your needs. Simon thank you so so much for giving us the most wonderful day you went above and beyond and for that we are so very grateful.

Becky Charley - FIVE STARS


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